New era, new blog


Welcome to our new blog here on the Internet. AltPlatform is a co-op nonprofit tech blog infused with the spirit of Open Web. Richard summed up our goals in his manifesto.

We realize that the world has changed a lot since our good old ReadWriteWeb days. Web 2.0 is no longer relevant. Things are changing so quickly in tech that even Marc Andreessen’s “software is eating the world” mantra is no more. As Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang puts it, now AI is eating the software.

We’re in the early stages of a new period of humanity, where bots and robots will take over not only labor-intensive jobs but also artistic ones. Computers have been fixing punctuation and grammar in our writing for some time now. But soon, well-trained networks will be able to consume the latest news articles and generate an opinion article in a snap. A decade from now, Saturday Night Live jokes will be produced not by a factory of writers, but by neural networks. Need proof? Just look at what the Prisma app can do without human intervention.

The social implications are many, and jobs are at risk. On the flip side, we may not need those jobs anymore. With the rise of virtual / augmented reality and with 3D-printing making everything super cheap, money will not be as relevant. We will all be living, working, socializing, entertaining ourselves in digital/virtual environments. Perhaps stuck in our small apartments. I don’t know whether to call this a dystopia or utopia – where everyone is their perfect self in their own small world – but it may be coming.

Speaking of money, in no time at all bitcoin will replace our bank accounts and blockchain technology may dominate elsewhere – like your favorite cloud storage provider. Today, there are companies working to make the Internet fully decentralized and to create SDKs on blockchain.

Long story short, today we face not one but multiple very exciting mega-trends that will change our lives drastically. Unlike Web 2.0 (which changed the web) and mobile (which changed industries), this will affect us in very personal ways. At AltPlatform, we will cover this new wave with a spirit of open web and participation. It will be:

  • Collaborative (so feel free to send us your thoughts and posts).
  • Free, as in speech and as in beer — no ads planned.
  • Favoring open versus closed.
  • Fun, with no editorial pressure.

We hope you’ll enjoy our journey.


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